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3S Awards

The Global Sourcing Council's3S Awardsare the only global empowerment platform honoring Social Entrepreneurs and SMEs.
The 3S Awards Gala isMay 17that the United Nations in NYC.
Winners receive:
  • Global visibility
  • Connections to succesful business leaders
  • Access to resources and financial capital
  • Invitation to the GSC's Leadership Bootcamp in NYC
  • The thrill of the WIN!
Any questions?

Check the website: GSC 3SAward


The Global Sourcing Council is a nonprofit association that aims to transform the world where businesses pursue profit with purpose through responsible and transparent supply chains. Our mission is
 to educate, advocate and inspire sustainable and socially responsible sourcing globally.

Companies and stakeholders that choose to support the GSC make a clear statement in their commitment and investment in promoting sustainable and socially responsible business through Transparency, Good Governance, Partnerships and Financial Capital.


1.       Access to and membership in a visionary and forward thinking organization that promotes industry’s efforts in embracing SDGs into their supply chain globally

2.       Ability to demonstrate leadership amongst their peers as cutting edge practitioners moving the needle in their fields towards sustainable and socially responsible sourcing

3.       Opportunities to network locally, nationally and globally with like- minded thought leaders passionate about and committed to embracing the UN 17 SDGs


4.       A “seat at the table” at activities that deliberate on issues of strategic importance to the industry

Join us and support the movement towards a sustainable and thriving world for all. 

The Global Sourcing Council is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and the main content website can be found at

This website is provided to support credit card transactions for your payment of membership dues, sponsorships and event fees.



The 3S Awards is the leading global platform that identifies, honors and empowers social entrepreneurs by providing global visibility, connections to successful global business leaders and access to business resources and financial capital to succeed.

Go to the GSC 3S Awards Website for information on the upcoming event:   GSC 3S Awards